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Clawid is joining a Mini-SEO Contest again

After the Cebu Seo Contest of the PHblogger dot Net. Here's another Local Mini-Seo Contest featuring the captivating Province of Capiz. So I decided to join the Mini-Seo Contest of the Capiz Bloggers. It is hosted by and with other sponsors. It is open to all Bloggers, whether you are a newbie or an expert. The participants in the captivating Capiz Seo Contest should optimize their entry/post in the key phrase "captivating Capiz". The prize is not too much big but some of the participants in the Captivating Capiz Seo Contest are experts. I hope I could win this local seo contest.

Next week I will feature some interesting and very captivating Capiz Landmarks which other people are not yet aware. There are so many place in the Capiz which I could say, we can consider as tourist spot. Some of captivating places in Capiz are Islands, beaches resorts, mountains, caves, waterfalls and others.

Keep your sight on this blog which features some captivating Capiz Landmarks and Places.