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My favorite character in X-Men

Yeah, I have already watch the X-Men Origins - Wolverine in the place where I am always staying and spend most of my time. Since I watched the trailer of the movie, I was so amazed and can't wait to watch it. Wolverine is one of my favorite character in the X-Men. Since I was a child I watched that series. I remember that I am crying whenever they will change the channel that I am watching. Expect from other TV Episodes that I am watching.

Almost forget another cool character there. For the first time in the X Men movies, Gambit is already there with his cards that exploding. But I can't find his mustache there and his cool coat too..? Anyways I read some movie reviews about the movies and the funs out there is almost enjoying the movie. Just sit back there and watch the X-Men Origins - Wolverine.