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Download Windows 8 Transformation Kit for Windows 7 Free

Windows 7 is fastest operating System in the history of Microsoft based on my experience. Most of the office and even internet cafe's using this operating system compare to Windows Vista that is slower.

There are some improvements on Windows 7 that really lacks on Vista. They said that Windows 7 looks like Vista and process like the Windows XP, so it is faster compare to Windows XP and Vista.

But Microsoft keep promoting Windows 8 which is the upcoming Operating System of Microsoft. The released date of this new operating system is not yet announced but if you want to feel the new Windows 8 Operating System, you could use the Windows 8 Transformation Kit for Windows 7.

Using your Windows 7, you could feel and experience what will be the Windows 8 on your computer with Transformation Pack.

Share us what you've experience with the Transformation of your Windows 7 to Windows 8.