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Watch NBA All-Star vs Smart Gilas (July 24, 2011) Game Match Replay Video

NBA All-Star vs Smart Gilas Replay Video - We all know that one of the favorite sports of the Filipinos is Basketball right and for sure you haven't miss to watch this clash between NBA All-Star vs Smart Gilas. Last July 24, 2011 (Sunday) the NBA All-Star and our very own Smart Gilas had their basketball match at Smart-Araneta Coliseum.  The game was totally awesome and entertaining. The NBA All-Stars defeated the Smart Gilas with the score of 98-89 but Kobe Bryant was impressed of the national team.

“You have a talented team. You just have to support this team, they execute well,” said Bryant in a news interview after the game match.

According to Manila Bulettin, “We pushed them to play differently. I think it was a different game, it was a competitive game,” said Toroman. They have too much individual quality but we have a system that we tried to use. Some things are working.”

“In the first half we had a lot of turnovers, but in the second half we were fighting,” he added.

Another thing that Toroman pointed out was the support the Smart-Gilas got from some 21,000 fans chanting “Defense! Defense!” late in the game when they closed the gap at 90-82 on a basket by Marcus Douthit with four minutes left.

“It’s nice to see in the end that the fans started to support us,” said Toroman. “That’s the biggest success of this game. The crowd sees that this team is very competitive. The potential is pretty big and it’s just a matter of time.”

The game against the NBA players was part of the Nationals training for the FIBA-Asia Championship in Wuhan, China this September, the qualifying event for the 2012 London Olympics.

Watch NBA All-Stars vs Smart Gillas Game Match Replay Video Here

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