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Guns and Roses Finale Episode

Guns and Roses will end tonight, September 23, 2011. Guns and Roses for sure from the start already touches our hearts from the Romance to the exciting action-packed that brings it to us. Now, it is near to its end and we will witness how the love of Abel and Raine conquers it all.

Guns and Roses action teleserye is starring by Robin Padilla, Bea Alonzo, Diether Ocampo, AJ Falcon and many more.

Later after the Guns and Roses Finale episode will be aired on the TV, I will post the video here so if you missed to watch it you could Watch Guns and Roses Final Episode Replay here. Don't miss the exciting finale of Guns and Roses Episode tonight right after "Nasaan Ka Elisa" in ABS-CBN.

Here is the option guys so that you could watch the Finale Episode of Guns and Roses.