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How to Set Up Your Smart Mobile GPRS, 3G and MMS Setting

Nowadays, many free mobile applications that you may download for free. But the problem is, most of the people don't know how to set their Smart Mobile GPRS, 3G and MSS Setting. Many are asking and wondering how to Set-up Smart Mobile GPRS, 3G and MMS Settings. Want to enable it? Just follow the simple steps below guys.

1. Send SET to 211.

2. To download 3G/GPRS/MMS settings, type SET then send to 211. To get a list of supported mobile phone brands, key in SET LIST and send to 211.

For example: To activate MMS/3G/GPRS setting for Nokia 6300, key in SET N6300 then send to 211. For Sony Ericsson model K530i, just key in SEK530i then send to 211.

3. You will then receive a message that asks you to install the settings. Just click Yes then enter the passcode: 1234. Your MMS/GPRS/3G setting is now active and you’re ready to make video calls and send nice MMS graphics and photos, and browse through the web using your MMS/GPRS/3G-able phone.