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Watch 2011 Long Teng Cup Live Streaming Online

Watch 2011 Long Teng Cup Live Stream. The 2011 Long Teng Cup is the 2nd tournament of the international football competition of the Long Teng Cup which is to be held in Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei. The tournament already started last September 30 up to October 4, 2011. The four national team participated the said event namely Hong Kong, Philippines, Chinese Taipei and Macau.

Here is the Long Teng Cup Game Schedules & TV Broadcast.

September 30, 2011
PHL Azkals vs. Hong Kong (9:30pm) Live on Studio 23
Chinese Taipei vs. Macau

October 2, 2011
Hong Kong vs. Macau
PHL Azkals vs. Chinese Taipei (5:30pm) Live on Studio 23

October 4, 2011
PHL Azkals vs. Macau (5:30pm) Live on Studio 23
Hong Kong vs. Chinese Taipei

So support now our Azkals Philippines Team for this 2011 Long Teng Cup Tournament and watch it on Live on Studio 23 or on your PC.

Here is the list guys where you could watch the live streaming of the 2011 Long Teng Cup Tournament: