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Watch Praybeyt Benjamin Movie Online

Praybeyt Benjamin Movie - Are you excited guys to watch the upcoming movie of Vice Ganda? Good news guys, after this movie will be released on the theaters nationwide this coming October 12, 2011, Praybeyt Benjamin Movie will also be posted here.

Praybeyt Benjamin tells a story about a gay who unwillingly joined the military in order to save his country and his family from national crisis.

This movie is directed by Wenn Deramas and starring Derek Ramsay, Jimmy Santos, Nikki Valdez, Kian Cipriano, Vandolph Quizon, Dennis Padilla, Malou de Guzman and veteran actor Eddie Garcia.

So don't forget to Watch Praybeyt Benjamin Movie Online on the theaters near you. This movie is released by Star Cinema and Viva Films. So be there guys on October 12, 2011. For the meantime you could Watch Praybeyt Benjamin Movie Trailer Here. Be back here guys, like us and share this to your friends so they could watch the movie just for free here only at capizblogger[dot]blogspot[dot]com.

Update: The FULL MOVIE is Now  Available guys! Don't forget to share and like this page on your facebook guys!