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Joining the Cebu Seo Contest

There’s a lot of reason why some people are joining some contest in the internet like the PHblogger dot Net Cebu Seo Contest. Some people join because they are aiming for the prize. Looking and making new friends and met some people who are good SEO. To apply the knowledge that their acquire in their schools.

But for me there are two things why I decided to join the Cebu Seo Contest. First is that to expose my self in order to gain more friends in the internet and met some Pinoy SEO. I am a newbie in SEO and I am currently a College Student in Roxas City, Capiz. Through this seo contest, I had meet some fellow SEO in Capiz and not only in Capiz but in some parts of the Philippines. Second, when you have already gain friends here you are building a bond of friendship and that’s the time that you can ask for some help and tips from your fellow blogger on how to optimize you site or blog. I have already applied those knowledge and advices that I have acquired in our school and from my mentors, but I think without experience, you’ll never know that it is effective or not.

I want to gain experience when it comes in SEO because one of my goal as a college student is to become a good SEO someday, even in the Capiz. I think this Cebu Seo Contest can help me in fulfilling my goal.