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Cebu SEO Contest is Challeging

Some of the College Student in Roxas City is joining the Cebu Seo Contest. I can say that Cebu Seo Contest is the most challenging part of my SEO career. Everday the contest is getting hotter and tougher. I find it hard to optimize my entries in the Cebu Seo Contest but still I am here looking for some alternative that my entries will increase their rank. I want to be on the top of the Google SERP, at least one of my entry. I am happy that one of my entry is already on the second page but still I am aiming to be on the 1st page at least.

The other participants in the Cebu Seo Contest has an experience when we talks about SEO but me as a newbie, I think I can't win. I will still do all of my best to be on the top of Google SERP.

Fight for Cebu Seo Contest.