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Being on the TOP of Captivating Capiz

I am very happy that in First Time, my entry in captivating Capiz on is already on the top. I am on the TOP of the Google SERP with the target key phrase "captivating Capiz". I will keep it optimizing my entry blog in captivating Capiz so that it will be on the top. But sure, next week week the captivating Capiz will be harder and tougher. I don't think that other participants will not keep moving and optimize their blog, the best I can do is to maintaing my rank until the captivating Capiz will end.

My other entries in the captivating Capiz is also ranking and keep moving on the Google SERP. My entry in is visible and I found my entry at the 6th page together my blog at friendster. Next week I will keep optimizing my blogs at Friendster, maybe it has a chance to win.

After all this time, all my efforts and knowledge that I had acquired from my mentor is effective. This is my highest attainment in SEO Journey being on the top but still this is not the end of my Journey.

For more updates about the rankings in captivating Capiz, here's the url: