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Blog on Friendster

Usually when the student has a laboratory session in the Computer Lab. They always asked me if there has an internet connection and when they started to sit with their chairs and go along with clicking and browsing in the web, they usually visit the site of FRIENDSTER. I know it is the most famous social community in the Philippines. But they don’t think about what they are doing is just spending their time in nothing, why? Because they could open and check their accounts in the internet cafĂ© instead in the Computer Lab. During the hand-on session, they should spend their time in making their projects and finish their laboratory activities or instead they are using friendster, they could have their blogging activities.

Why is that so, because since I was not aware of blogging, I used to spend my time in making my profile attractive, invite friends even in other countries which you can’t understand their language yet. But I realize lately, that instead going to friendster site, I will have a blog for awhile. In blogging, you can also gain friends, find information and most of all, you can earn money.

But lately I become interested in Friedster, why because one of they features is that the user can have their own blog and lately they convert their blog in Wordpress. That’s why I decided to have a friendster account and have a blog on it. I decided to have an entry in captivating Capiz using my friendster blog. I will have some experiment on it whether it can be used in SEO contests that I am joining like this captivating Capiz.