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Ending of Cebu Seo Contest

The Busby SEO Contest is already over but still this local SEO contest from Cebu which is the Cebu Seo Contest hosted by the PHblogger dot Net still going on and already getting to its end. The final judgment day on Cebu Seo Contest will be on September 8, 2008. The participants in the Cebu Seo Contest had only 4 days to optimize their entry blog/site in the said Seo Contest. I wonder who will be on the Top of Cebu Seo Contest when the final day comes. But for today the Capiz Bloggers is still on the top 3 spots of the Cebu Seo Contest. Who will be the winner in the Cebu Seo Contest? Is there any chance that other entry will be on the top of the Google SERP?

Good luck to all Capiz Bloggers who are joining the SEO Contest. If ever I can't win this Cebu Seo Contest, but still I had learn many things in SEO and I will join another seo contest. There is a saying that "Try and Try until you Success" and I keep holding on that thought.