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Last Day of Cebu Seo Contest

There are few hours to go before the Cebu Seo Contest of PHblogger dot Net will end. This is the final day of the Cebu Seo Contest and we are so excited who will be the winner and gain the prize at stake. Who will be on the top of Cebu Seo Contest when the right time comes? My entry in the Cebu Seo Contest is already on the 2nd page of the google SERP but my goal is to be on the 1st page. I gave all my best and apply those knowledge that I had acquired from my teachers and I can say it is all effective but still I can't make my entry on the 1st page. It is because, maybe, the participants who joins the Cebu Seo Contest is very good in SEO unlike me, I am a newbie.

Well, maybe it is not my time to win such this contest and my luck it not ain't here. Maybe this upcoming SEO contest I can win it. All I wanna say is good luck to all the contestant in the Cebu Seo Contest and I find it as a challenging and it make's me mad sometimes. For the winner, just don't forget our snacks and "Pancit sa Nesta's" especially to my friend of mine who is already on the top.