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Achieved Goal

Last week I had already a goal while captivating Capiz wonder, and that goal is to be on the top 10 in the Google SERP when you search the key phrase "captivating Capiz" with my two entries in and I finally I've already achieve my goal today. I think before I can't make it this week to be on the top 10 and I am planning to extend it until next week. I am lucky enough that my entries in captivating Capiz is increasing and this is the start of tougher competition.

I conclude that next week will be the tougher and hotter of falling down and rising of entries because the final day of captivating Capiz is getting nearer. I think some of my fellow contest will spend most of their time in optimizing their blog entries so that they will still be on the top. It is hard for me to be on the top again but I will try my best and If ever I will contact my friend of mine named Naruto to have a Kagebunshin to help me out (just kidding). Mingoton is still on the top and I hope I can be in that rank again.