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Another Goal

Yes, after I had already achieved my goal and today I finally decided to have another goal in captivating Capiz. Two of my entries in captivating Capiz is already on the top ten, and I am very happy today. I had already missed two days in optimizing my blogs because I am so busy in my studies. My goal today until the end of this challenge, is to become the winner and be on the top among the rest of the challengers in captivating Capiz. I know it is hard to be the winner and be on the top again. But there's nothing wrong and bad in doing good things to achieved your goal right? Well, I will keep optimizing it because I know some of the participants are still keeping their best to be on the top 10 of the captivating Capiz.

This is the very challenging part of my SEO Journey as a NOOB. I had learned more things and knowledge about this captivating Capiz. Not just to see the wonders and captivating place of Capiz Province but also you can gain more knowledge and learnings through this one. This is my highgest attaintment in the SEO Journey while captivating Capiz. Even I can't make it on the top, atleast I can maintain it to be on the top 10.