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Olotayan Island in Capiz

Have you ever been in the Boracy Beach Island??? I wished I could be there if I had already mty work. It is one of the paradise in the Philippines because it is visited by the Filipinos and for the beauty it holds. The most interesting about Boracay is the white sand along the sea shores. But here in captivating Capiz, there is an island that Most of the CapizeƱos like to have an outing or excursion and hanging out with some of their friends or family. One of these interesting place here in captivating Capiz is the Olotayan Island. It is not yet famous to the people living outside in the Province of Capiz but for the CapizeƱos, it is the perfect place to hang-out with friends, relatives and families. But some of the Filipinos are not aware that still there are some places here in Capiz which we can consider as tourist spot and will help to promote the wealthy and captivating Province of Capiz and not just only Capiz but also the Philippines.

Captivating Pictures on Olotayan Island

Picture Source: Bleuken

Even I can't go to the Boracay Beach Island, I wish I could be in the Olotayan Island. There are so many reactions and opinions about the beauty of Olotayan Island. The white sand along the sea shore which captivates the eyes of the visitors. The sea breeze it brings along the coast and fresh air of course. There is a lot of things about the beautiful places while captivatng Capiz but not yet known.