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Another Entry in Captivating Capiz

I had already created my blog in and I will join this blog as one of my entry in captivating Capiz. This blog will be my lab experiment in the small space in the realm of cyberspace. I don't know if there's a law regarding what I am doing. So freaks has no reason not to allow me. I will just have my experiment this week regarding in optimizing my blogs. This Journey in Captivating Capiz will be the building farm of my new blog. I will post other pictures which will help the promotion of the Capiz as a captivating place in the Philippines.

Capiz is already known as the "Sea Food Captital of the Philippines" and aside this there so many reason why we are quite popular in the Philippines. The bad thing about when people think that those filipinos living in the captivating Capiz are "Aswang" or ghouls. Capiz is one of the wonderful place in the Island of the Capiz and with this captivating Capiz, it will help to let know some people that this beautiful place is yet unknown.

This is my entry:
Captivating Capiz Landmarks