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After the captivating Capiz Mini SEO Contest - the first seo contest in Capiz, which is hosted by some Capiz Bloggers namely Bleuken and Kyubz. Here is another prestigious and great SEO competion. The Busby SEO World Cup 2 - BUSBY SEO TEST. The participants should optimize their entry sites or blogs with the key phrase "Busby SEO Test" and be on the top of the Google SERP with this data center: The participants has given a chance to optimize their sites and blogs within 3 months and lead the other participants.

I don't know if I can make it, but I am aiming to be on the top 100 finalist atleast. I have enhance well my skills and knowledge in optimizing my site. I decided that my official website Anime Source - Anime Information and Archives to be my official entry on Busby SEO Test.