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Seo Tips: Blog Post Page Title

Here's a simple SEO tips which customize your blog post as Blog Post Page Title is the Title Header of your blog. Usually the page of the Blogger Blog display the blog title first before then the name of your post. Some said it is not good in SE optimization just because it read the keyword, first your blog title then your post title.

I surf in the internet how to tweak the code in the blogger template and I apply this simple instructions:

1st Step:
Go Blogger Dashboard to Layout> Edit HTML and find this tag in the blogger template design.

2nd Step:
After that, Add this code

3rd Step:

Save your template! After this, you will see that if you click your blog post, the title in your browser will the the blog post title itself not the default which is your Blog Title.

With this simple tweak in your blogger template, it will help you to increase the chances of posts being picked up in search engine results for keywords which appear in your post titles.

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