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Busby SEO Test Avatar

I am now optimizing my site which is Anime Source - Watch Anime Online, Information and Archives with the key phrase "Busby SEO Test - Anime Series". I hope I can make it because I am a noob SEOptimizer and blogger. I will be using this avatar as my official logo in joining the Busby SEO Test. With this competition, I can enhance well my skills and knowledge in optimizing my site as well as my blogs. As a noob, I am currently studying on how to build a good links in my site and blogs. Downloading e-books and reading it is what I am doing now. I am doing my best to be on the top 100 participants in the Busby SEO Test. If ever it will happens will it is a very job well done for my part because some of the participants here is very good in SEO compare to me as a noob.

Another Capiz Blogger Participant in the Busby SEO Test.