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Still Busy while in Busby

Journey of a Capiz Blogger in the Busby SEO Test is still rising and falling. I can't optimize well my entries on the SEO Competition among the challengers because I am too busy with our Thesis. Our thesis is about Online Booking and Reservation for the Image Palace Hotel and until now I can't finalize which one to be used. Currently I am using Blog Platform which is wordpress and I keep searching if I can make it as a static webpage. Someone there could help and suggest what should I do.

My second choice with our thesis is to make my own design for the Image Palace Hotel using dreamweaver and frontpage. Without even knowledge and idea how to do that, I will just keep searching and keep on studying how to make a webpage using those applications.

That's why for now I have no time in keeping entry to optimize with the target keyword "Busby SEO Test - Anime Series" as my entry and even my blogs. I just keep it optimizing if I have some leisure time. One of the goal in joining the contest is to be on the top 100 and I will keep on optimizing until the end of the Busby SEO Test. Just shutting down for a while..........

Keep on eye on the for some updates in the Busby SEO Test - Anime Series at Anime Source Blog.