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The Beginning of Busby SEO Test

After I opened my account in yahoo messenger this morning, one of the participant in the Busby SEO Test and one of my friend, Sir Renan, send me a message that I am on the top 150 participants in the Busby SEO Test. The entry that is already on the top 150 is my new domain site which is the Busby SEO Test - Anime Series. I don't know what I have done, because I didn't post anything about the Busby SEO Test in my new domain for I am busy in searching and looking for anime archives and posting it on my new site. I can't wait anymore to finish my web site and until now it is currently under construction and maintenance.

Last week, I have submitted my sites in some free directory listings and some bookmarking sites. Maybe this is the effect of my past few days of optimizing it and linking my entries in other blogs. I will keep it optimizing to increase my rank in the SEO Test.

Well, I am happy today that at least I am already on the top 150 participants and I have to go higher again and be on the top 100 participants. I find this challenging and today is the beginning of my Busby SEO Test - Anime Series, another SEO Journey of a Capiz Blogger.

For some entertainment while doing your SEO Journey in Busby SEO Test feel to Watch Anime Online at Anime Source - Watch Anime Online, Information and Archives.