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My work as a NOOB SE Optimizer

Last month started working as a SE Optimizer which my teacher has given me the job. From the first, he is the one who teach me how to blog last year I am a 1year old blogger in the cyberspace. But lately he learn the Search Engine Optimization and now he has a clients from the other country. He is the one that teach on how to optimize your blog from the very basic. He keep teaching me and teaching me on how to optimize well your blog as well as website and I learn a lot of things from him.

Last month he gave me a work which will enhance my optimization skills and apply those knowledge and skills that I have acquired from the past months that I am studying and learning Search Engine Optimization. I optimized the Professional Health Care Services ( with the keyword Health Care Services and it was not that successful but ranked has increased in the serp.

This month I will keep it optimizing with the new target keywords for the Professional Health Care Services. These keywords are:

Los Angeles Caregiver
San Diego Caregiver
Orange Home Caregiver
Westminster Caregiver
Las Vegas Caregiver

I hope I will be successful with this journey and career. This is my first step to in my SE Optimization journey as a College Student and as a Capiz Blogger. I wish I could do it better and ranked it in the Google SERP in the end of the month.