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Blogging, SEO and Contest

How could you divide your little amount of time in your blogging activities, SEO Projects and contest? Most of my blogs are not updated nowadays because of my hectic schedule in the school. I am doing some of my SEO stuffs like optimizing blogs and sites that makes me to earn some money for a month. Lately and past few months I am too busy in joining some SEO Contest in the net. Currently I am joining the Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation.

How could a just my time with this activities. Sometimes I feel like a numb or my body is going down. Maybe because of too much stress in facing on the computer the whole day and having a little bit of rest. Like this Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation I will focus on it right now because I am conducting some experiment and want to win. I will prove to the others that I can be one of the good optimizer here in the Province of Capiz as a Filipino Teen SE Optimizer.