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A New Challege in the SEO Landia

Seo world is getting wider in the world of cyberspace. It occupies alot of space in the virtual world nowadays. Since then there are a lot of Search Engine Competitions in the web, a local or nation contest. Bloggers and Search Engine Optimizer are making there name by means of joining some Search Engine Competitions. Some lose and some wins. You can will never know when your entry will be indexed or how it can be on top.

Now there is another national search engine optimization hosted by the This is another era in the world of cyberspace and the SEO landia. Well know bloggers and search engine optimizer will compete for the first place and be on the top of the Google SERP. You can read the contest information here ( and you can start to have your registration right there. The target keyword in the said contest: oes tsetnoc.

Bloggers and Optimizer , register right now and compete with other optimizers and bloggers.