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Capiz Blogger in the Web

After some days, weeks and months for not being with my virtual space, I haven't updated some of my blogs in the cyberspace as well as my site. Well, that's how I am lazy bout updating all of it. Its not that I have so many blogs that I can't update but I am too busy with my profession as a teacher. I wish that I could have a new laptop to bring on my boarding house and there can start my blogging activity after my class. Well, that is one of the wishlist in these coming christmas.

I will be updating this blog not so often as before but I will make sure that I can post here once to thrice a week. Sorry for those people that are visiting on this blog and I haven't updated it for the meantime.

One of the reason why I updated this blog to practice again my blogging skills, how to write efficient articles and as well as my goal before to be one of the good Search Engine Optimizer. There is a new seo contest in the web, but till now I don't know if I will join that contest. I have to think it many times for now.