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Captesa Skills Competition 2009

Every year TESDA held the Captesa Skills Competition. This competition is for all 2 years college students which is under by the TESDA. Different schools from the Province of Capiz joins the skills competition. Each students must show their talents and skills in the competition. I am one of the coaches that assigned to train a student in the particular category in Computer Skills which is EXCEL. Way back 2 years ago, I am one of the participants in the said contest. I can remember the trainings, and knowledge that I have acquired during that days. I am thankful that I am the selected student to compete for captesa skills competition and I won the said competition. By the generation, I am the one who will train other students in fulfilling their dreams and to win the skills competition.

Luckily, after all of the training I have done, we finally won. It is my first time to train a student and he won. I know because of the learnings that he acquired during the contest as well his skills to become the winner among the other students.
Congratulation to all winners in Captesa Skills Competition, to Jeff, Mic and Kaylle.

Job well done!!!