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Capiz Bloggers in Sikat ang Pinoy

As I surf the net and check the list of the entries in the Sikat ang Pinoy, there are Capiz Bloggers that are joining the said contest. I am one of those capiz bloggers that joins the contest. You can visit our entry in and it features why and how the Pinoy are popular and famous. With this contest, I am back with my seo stuffs again and I learn more things.

Now I am busy in building link with our entry so that we will win the sikat ang pinoy. I am hoping that our entry will be promoted in the 3rd page atleast because as of now we are on the 4th page since the Month of January started.

I do hope with some reviews that I had made and links, our entry will be promoted. Good luck to all of us guys and I do hope even I can't win this game, one of use will be the winner. But I will do my best so that we will win in sikat ang pinoy!