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Update in Sikat ang Pinoy

Sikat ang Pinoy is one of the reason why some of the bloggers are now very hectic. They are busy making blog reviews for their entries, building links, having some comments in some blogs, optimizing them with the key phrase required and monitoring the Google SERP if their entry are visible or not. Well, I am one of those bloggers that joins the Sikat ang Pinoy – Palarong SEO 2009 of the Philippines. I am very challenged to join this contest, why? because this is unique contest I’ve ever known. Why is it unique, because each participants should have a unique content but should use Filipino Language as the primary medium in the contest. I have never optimized Tagalog site and lately I’ve found out that its is very different in optimizing blogs, in English language and Filipino Language.

That’s why I joined the contest, to have fun and experience to optimize a blog which contains tagalog language. So now, where I am in the Google SERP. Yesterday, I checked the Google SERP with the datacenter that the host is providing and I found my entry at the 4th page of Google. Well, I am happy at least that my entry is on the 4th page. It is not far enough on the 1st page. I am still hoping that my rank will increase this week even at least at 2nd or 3rd page of the Google. I am still conducting search engine optimization techniques and experimenting on how the Google crawls for my entries. I have no choice but to wait till all of my works will effect on my entry right away. Patience is the key to success here at Sikat ang Pinoy.