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Sikat ang Pinoy is Over

Sikat ang Pinoy - Palarong SEO Contest of the Philippines is finally over. What's comes next after this hard and toughest Search Engine Competition in the Philippines? There will be a new and big contest? Even I haven't win the said contest with our entry in sikat ang pinoy - satsatan that can be found at, I am happy that we had achieve our goal and that goal is to be on the first page of the Google Serp if you type the keyword "sikat ang pinoy".

Congratulations to the winners of the Sikat ang Pinoy SEO Contest. Here are the list of the winners according to the ranking.
I am very happy that 2 of the Capiz Bloggers won on the 2nd and 3rd Place. Keep it up guys and congratulations. Maybe Next time, you will be on the top again. Well time to relax again and back on the blogging activities and updating my other blogs and sites.