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College Students joins the Cebu Seo Contest

When we speaks about Blogging and SEO, well most of the college students nowadays are aware what is happening over the net. They are engaged mostly in blogging activities. Some people in the Philippines that there are some students here in Capiz, especially in Roxas City are joining in some SEO contest. They consider it as a challenge for them and to become a good SEO in Capiz. They want to delete or erase those humors and beliefs of other people that Capiz is well known the keyword "Aswang" but they don't even realize that students here in Capiz are mostly talented.

Like the seo contest of the PHblogger dot Net which is the Cebu Seo Contest. Some of the students here are joining the said contest. To learn, to gain and meet some bloggers and improve their skills when it talks about SEO. These students are joining the said contest and they came from one of the school in Capiz namely with their entries in the contest:

Joselito Canlas, Jr.

Aiza Artillero

Enoc Williamson
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