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Meet Some Bloggers

Friendster, FaceBook, MySpace, these are some popular Online Community in the CyberSpace wherein you can find your friends, meet new people around the Globe, joining some Groups and others. But have you already known that there is also an Online Community for Bloggers here in the captivating Capiz?That's right, the captivating Capiz has already build an Online Community for Bloggers. There are already existing Online Community just for Bloggers like in Iloilo, Davao, Cebu, Mindanao and others. With this Online Community, we can search and meet some Bloggers here in Capiz, this is another pride of Capiz.

We are not only known for being the "Sea Food Capital of the Philippines" but some people here in Capiz are making their journey in the Cyberspace. There are some CapizeƱo's that is already emerging and aware of the trend in the world of Cyberspace. Actually there are some Capiz Bloggers who are joining the "captivating Capiz" contest of Bleuken which represents the Province of Capiz. I hope with one of us will be on the top of captivating Capiz.

You can visit the website of the captivating Capiz Bloggers at See you there guys.