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One week to go

Oh I feel the whole world falls down with my shoulder. I can't make it on the top of the captivating Capiz. Maybe I am just a noob optimizer and blogger unlike to those participants that is already on the top. I hope I can make it until this week to be on the top of the captivating Capiz. It is one week to go that the captivating Capiz will end and will know who's most captivates the Capiz. This contest is tougher and hotter because it is hard to be on the top again.

Well this is not my down fall at all. Atleast I made all by myself to be on the top 10 of the captivating Capiz. It is the great challenge to be one of the participants here and to be with some expert optimizers in the captivating Capiz. I am luck that one of the Capiz Bloggers which is Sir Renan is already on the top 3 and I hope he can make it until the end of the captivating Capiz. One week to go in captivating Capiz, and I have only one week to optimize my entries and be on the top 3 atleast.