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Another Journey

I hadn't updated my blogs for 2 weeks just because I was too busy for our thesis proposal. Today is our thesis proposal and luckily the we got it. Our proposal is accepted and it is accepted. I was very happy because our efforts and it is fruitful. After this we will focus on building our propose system and we have to study hard I mean self study just because we don't have to rely on what our teachers is teaching to us. We know that their teachings are all limited and it is up to us to explore and extend that learnings.

This is one of the reason why I am not able to update my blog and my rank is dropped in captivating Capiz. There is still 3 days to go after they will announce the winners of the said contest will I am luck enough to be on the top of the captivating Capiz in the Google SERP. I don't think I can't make it until the end and be on the top 3.