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Another personality

I consider this another blog which ranked as 4th in the captivating Capiz as my one of the fruit of my freaking mind which is my alter ego. Another personality which comes up when this captivating Capiz started. I don't know why this happening. It is hard to compete with your own self just because sometimes you overcome your own self with this new alter ego or personality. I was very sad that I had lose my entry and it is already on the 2nd page of the Google SERP in the key phrase captivating Capiz.

With this captivating Capiz, it is a right time for my alter ego to have an experiment. It started with the dream and now it's come true. I am noob blogger and I want to have an experiment regarding with the myths in optimizing blogs and later I found it as effective way. My alter ego is happy that my real personality lose but I will change this, I hope with this last day of optimizing my other blogs in captivating Capiz will help to increase my rank.