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Who will win the Captivating Capiz

Most of the participants that joins the captivating Capiz is very good in SEO. I wonder how they can be on the top 10 in just 1 day. Even I keep optimizing my blogs and entries in the captivating Capiz, I noticed it will effect on the next day or sometimes it runs up to 2 days or 3. That's why I can say some the contestants here in captivating Capiz, are not NOOB but Experts somehow. My two entries are already on the top 10 of the captivating Capiz and I am happy for that, my goal this week is to be on the top 3.

I am hoping even if I can’t win this contest, I wish that the winner will come from the Province of Capiz. I also represent the Capiz Bloggers and some of the challenger are also from the Capiz Province. Somehow it will make the Province of Capiz are well known for some SE Optimizer are emerging. Capiz are not only well known for being a “Sea Food Capital of the Philippines” but also there are SE Optimizers and Bloggers.

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