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Anime Source, Information and Archives

Anime is one of hottest craze in the world of the cyberspace and the net. Me too is an anime addict since I was a child. Everytime I am not holding and pressing my combo attack in my gameboy, I used to turn on the tv and surf my favorite channel and watch my favorite Anime. One of my favorite anime today is Naruto. I don't get why they always teases my everytime they heard me talking about naruto and everything about Naruto everyday. They say, "Your like a child, don't watch Animes". But it is okey for me just because Anime is not only intended for children but also for any age bracket according to the story line or your type of genra.

I actually decided to have my own site as an Anime Source and Archives. It contains information about Animes, Archives, Series, Mangas, Wallpapers, Soundtracks, Movies and everything about the Animes. Not only animes but also cartoons which is adapted Animes. You can watch your favorite animes online from different classification and genre like Naruto, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, Avatar and many more. Fell to visit my site your one stop anime source: Anime Source - Watch Anime Online, Information and Archives.

Watch Anime Online - Naruto Episodes
Watch Anime Online - Yu Yu Hakusho Episodes

Many More....