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Running Out of Time in Sikat ang Pinoy?

Getting higher rankings in Google Serp is getting tougher and tougher each and everyday passes. We don't know if who is really on the top with the key phrase sikat ang pinoy. Sometimes, your entry is on the top and sometimes on the bottom. We can't predict the rankings as of now. You have to focus and still have a great time in monitoring everday rankings of your opponent. But is there any chances to win in this contest? Is it running out of time?

Chances of winning is always there. It depends on you, your chance of winning depends on how you focus on your goal and on how you build your links in your entry. But its not just easy as you think in building a link. You have to know if your links are good or not! Some optimizer are just building links with no value. It seems that all they want is link, they don't care if it can cause bad for their entry or not. It is called spamming. This is the practice that most of the Search Engine Optimizers are engaging with. Just to rank their site in just a couple of days or weeks.

But still spamming is not the answer, even you are running out of time. You still have a more time to optimize with a good links that you are building. The quality of the links that you build is very important and it makes your blog or site more relevant to the others compares who uses spam in optimization.

I think I have still more time for Sikat ang Pinoy. More time in optimizing it and still have to focus on the goal which I wanted to achieve. To be on the top of the google serp with the key phrase Sikat ang Pinoy.