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Goal in Sikat ang Pinoy

What's is your goal in joining in sikat ang pinoy? Each of us who is joining the Palarong SEO has it's own goal. Gaining some knowledge, information and experience in search engine optimization, to show their talents and skills, or just win the cash prize. Maybe that is some of the reasons behind that. But for me, I was thinking before I join this contest, what would be my goal that I should attain or achieve.

Since I started with my entry Sikat ang Pinoy - Satsatan, I came up with only 2 goals. First to be on the top of the Google SERP with the key phrase, "sikat ang pinoy". Second, even i can't win in this contest, atleast I have learned more knowledge and I had already enhanced my skills in search engine optimization.

Do you have your goal right now? Think about it!!!